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A marketing project is typically ongoing, whereas a design project could take up to 4 weeks to be completed with the notion that all Client Homework has been provided before the start of the project and that the client responds promptly to any messages and designs that need to be approved. It really depends on the scope of the project.

We use the Client Management System called Honeybook. You’ll be invited to join your project hosted that’s hosted there which will allow you to see all our messages, your contracts, your invoices, your payments, any files I send, and also the current stage of the project. We’ll also collaborate on files using Google Workspace apps.

Yes! Your logo design will belong to you and you can do with it as you please. As the original author of the work, we’ll retain the rights to use your work on our website, portfolio, for marketing purposes etc.

Yes, a signed contract is required by all of our clients. It will include the payment schedule that we agree upon. The first payment is due before the project begins.

As with all websites that exist on the internet, client’s will incur monthly hosting fees to maintain, update, and keep their site live. Paying these fees in a timely manner will help keep your site in tip-top shape!

Not at the moment. We’re currently catering to service-based businesses vs. product-based businesses. If your services include selling only a small number of products, then you are still welcome to fill out our contact form.

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