5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest For Business

In today’s vibrant online entrepreneurial landscape, there’s no better time than now to build a strong presence on Pinterest and harness its incredible potential to boost your business. If you’ve heard about Pinterest’s remarkable ability to drive organic traffic to your website and wondered whether your business should hop on board, keep reading to find five enthusiastic reasons why you absolutely should!


Inspiration for this blog post was taken from a post by our Pinterest mentor Molly Ho

why you should use pinterest for business

1) Pinterest Is A Search Engine
Pinterest is not your typical social media platform; it’s a dynamic search engine. It’s a place where your ideal clients are already actively searching for ideas, inspiration, tips, tutorials, and much more. This makes it an ideal platform to connect with your target audience who are hungry for inspirational and educational content.

2) Appeal to an Audience Ready to Spend
Pinterest isn’t just about inspiration; it’s about action. The platform hosts users with money to spend, especially on things they’re passionate about. Over half of Pinterest users use the platform to enhance their knowledge of delicious food and beverages, while 70% turn to Pinterest for accessories, watches, jewelry, and 52% spend $500 or more on beauty products within six months. The financial potential with Pinterest is astounding!

3) Get Ahead of the Competition
One compelling reason to embrace Pinterest for your business is that your competitors are likely not leveraging this platform yet. This provides a golden opportunity to establish your presence before others catch on. The real question isn’t whether your target market will be searching for what you offer, but rather if they will find you or someone else.

I’ll never forget when I worked for a dye-sublimation company that made jerseys for the fishing industry. My bosses didn’t think we would see any traction on Pinterest, nor did they think their audience would be on Pinterest. But what do you know, “fishing jersey design” is currently a ranking keyword on Pinterest! Never underestimate the power of a search engine.

4) High-Quality Traffic
Pinterest is known for driving high-quality, organic traffic to websites. Users are often in the “consideration” phase of their buyer’s journey, actively searching for ideas, solutions, or products. This means that the traffic coming from Pinterest is more likely to convert into leads or sales compared to traffic from some other social media platforms.

5) Great SEO
Since Pinterest acts as a search engine, your pins can appear in search results both on Pinterest and in Google. By optimizing your pins with relevant keywords, you can improve your visibility and increase your chances of getting found by users searching for specific products or ideas related to your business.

THE stats speak volumes

Pinterest’s potential doesn’t stop there. Take a closer look at some of these staggering statistics:

  • Pinterest has more than 463 million monthly active users, with 89% of US pinners are actively engaged in researching their purchases on Pinterest. Nearly 9 in 10 users are on Pinterest to plan purchases.
  • 85% of users have bought something based on pins from brands, while 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded. This means that there is plenty of room for you to show off your brand’s expertise without feeling salesy or spammy.
  • 61% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to start a new project. Since Pinterest is where people show up to discover new ideas, be the inspiration that they need to take it to the next level.

With these remarkable reasons in mind, you’re probably raring to jump into the Pinterest marketing game. However, instead of spending countless hours researching how to optimize your Pinterest presence, consider partnering up with a marketing expert.

Have you been thinking about getting started on Pinterest, but haven’t had the time too? Our friend Molly can help kickstart and optimize your Pinterest so your target market can find you there!

Molly has a ton of experience with digital products. Using Pinterest marketing, she achieved first-page rankings for multiple targeted keywords on Creative Market. This strategy resulted in a remarkable total revenue of over $35K.

Molly Ho Pinterest |. BelaMarca Studio

That’s not all. She’s also an email marketing guru! Again, using Pinterest, she built an engaged list of over 3,000 subscribers with a 35% open rate, which is 10% higher than the industry average.

The guidance I personally gained when I took her Pinterest Course was invaluable! Now’s your turn to take your Pinterest game to the next level. Click the button below to meet Molly and let her know I sent you!

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